Personality Test

Personality Test

Human personality consists of multiple layers and stages of formation. Each of us are aware of these different layers in ourselves and others. We often act externally in a manner dictated by the situation that does not really reflect what we actually think and feel. At other times we feel compelled to express deeper aspects of our personality, even when we know we should not or that others may disapprove of our behavior. In order to understand ourselves and others, we need first of all to distinguish these various layers. We also find a wide variation in the level or degree of personality development between people. Some people seem to be more formed and fixed in their character, while others are more changeable and easily influenced by their external environment. 

This article presents a model of personality that consists of five layers of depth from surface manners to an inner core we have termed individuality. Each person has all five of these aspects in some degree, but people also differ in the extent to which each of the five is developed. Therefore after examining the characteristics of each of the layers, the article also examines the five layers as five different stages in personality development.

Personality Test

This test comprise of Physical Appearance, Behavior and Character. 

Take free personality test now.

1.How would you rate your Physical Appearance? (Select One)
2.How would you rate your partner Physical Appearance?
3.If your partner has better physical appearance than you , does he/she makes you realize about the same?
4.If your physical appearance has better than your partner, does you make him or her realize about the same?
5.My partner cycles between being ‘mean’ and being ‘sweet’ to me?
6.My partner seems to have two distinct reputations, with some people singing their praises and others warning you about their behaviour?
7.My partner panics at any indication we might break up?
8.My partner discourages me from pursuing outside interests, unless he or she accompany me?
9.My partner has dominating character to others specially with lower middle class like waiter , maid etc
10.My character is dominating to others specially with lower middle class like waiter , maid etc

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