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Shortest Monetization Reviews and Integartion with WordPress


About as an advertisment network offers new ways and types of ads. This help both advertiser and publisher to achieve thier purpose. This is mostly a CPM based network where one can earn from various types of ads discussed later in this article.

This is very helpful if you have a good presense in social network sites like facebook,twitter and youtube etc. Suppose you have a facebook page/community or a youtube channel. A user click on a link (your domain) from these social network will see ADS on Intermediate Page.

Sounds Intresting 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.

Ok. Now I will tell you all types of ads they are offering.

Types of Ads
Pop Ads

Links | Entries | Exit| Pop Ads

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Configuration and Integration With WordPress
  • Register with and get you API.
  • Download and Install Monetization Plugin.
  • Login from WordPress Dashboard and link your API.
  • Set your Ads preference.
This Video contains DEMO

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Monetize your mobile and website traffic with AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal :- Reviews, Installation and Configurations

AdsOptimal Ad Network is a one of the popular advertising network for monetizing blogs and website. AdsOptimal (Social Nation Inc) is an advertising company that was established in October 2012 in San Francisco, California. It is one of the best CPM based ad network and offer both CPM and CPC ads.


AdsOptimal Reviews :Pros & Cons


  • Approval Process is instant. Generally takes one or two days.
  • Works well when your most of traffic coming from social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Based on Approval and account status Bronze,Silver and Gold free joining bonus of $10 or $15 wiil be rewarded.
  • Minimum payout is $50 via Paypal account or Cheque.


  • Inline Ads AdStyle is not responsive like Google Adsense.
  • Premium Ads is limited for bronze account..
  • Performance reports are not available .

Adding Adsoptimal to your wordpress website

Below is the step by step Easy Tutorial for adding AdsOptimal

Step 1:-Signup for AdsOptimal account

Click   to create your AdsOptimal account.


Step 2:-Install and activate plugin “AdsOptimal – Mobile Ad”.


Step 3:-Login with your email account.


Step 4:Enable both mobile and inline Ads according to your preference.



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How to add Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) to a WordPress

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a Google’s proprietary search engine which allow users to find the information based on user specified keyword or character.


How Custom Search Engine is helpful to your website

  • Better Search Engine Algorithm.
  • Customize and match look and feel with your website.
  • Link with Google Analytics account to understand user and customer search trend. 
  • Link with Google Adsense to monetize and earn. 

How to add CSE to your WordPress website from Google Adsense

Below is the step by step Easy Tutorial for adding CSE 

Step 1:-Login to your Adsense account and click on “My ads” Tab.


Step 2:-Click on search on left hand pane in your adsense account.


Step 3:-Now you are on the Path “Search>Custom search engines“. Add new custom search engine.


Step 4:-Fill up below option.

  • Name :-“Any Reference Name
  • What to search :- “Your site Name”
  • Keywords and so on.

Step 5:-Add custom channel, Ad style and Search box style accordingly.


Step 6:- Add below option in Search Result and “Save and get code”.

  • Use iframe method in search display result.
  • Enter URL where search result will display ( Create a new search webpage).


Step 7:- Add search box code into your website page or sidebar widget and search result code into the search page you create in last step. 



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Cplusplus code for Game/Project “Dus Ka Dum”

*********************Intended for Schools and Colleges Audience*************

Often we have to submit some c plus plus project for class XI, XII , Engineering or other Computer courses.

Below is simple cpp source code for the game based on television show called “DUS KA DUM


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