Shortest Monetization Reviews and Integartion with WordPress


About as an advertisment network offers new ways and types of ads. This help both advertiser and publisher to achieve thier purpose. This is mostly a CPM based network where one can earn from various types of ads discussed later in this article.

This is very helpful if you have a good presense in social network sites like facebook,twitter and youtube etc. Suppose you have a facebook page/community or a youtube channel. A user click on a link (your domain) from these social network will see ADS on Intermediate Page.

Sounds Intresting 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.

Ok. Now I will tell you all types of ads they are offering.

Types of Ads
Pop Ads

Links | Entries | Exit| Pop Ads

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Configuration and Integration With WordPress
  • Register with and get you API.
  • Download and Install Monetization Plugin.
  • Login from WordPress Dashboard and link your API.
  • Set your Ads preference.
This Video contains DEMO

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