How to add Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) to a WordPress

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a Google’s proprietary search engine which allow users to find the information based on user specified keyword or character.


How Custom Search Engine is helpful to your website

  • Better Search Engine Algorithm.
  • Customize and match look and feel with your website.
  • Link with Google Analytics account to understand user and customer search trend. 
  • Link with Google Adsense to monetize and earn. 

How to add CSE to your WordPress website from Google Adsense

Below is the step by step Easy Tutorial for adding CSE 

Step 1:-Login to your Adsense account and click on “My ads” Tab.


Step 2:-Click on search on left hand pane in your adsense account.


Step 3:-Now you are on the Path “Search>Custom search engines“. Add new custom search engine.


Step 4:-Fill up below option.

  • Name :-“Any Reference Name
  • What to search :- “Your site Name”
  • Keywords and so on.

Step 5:-Add custom channel, Ad style and Search box style accordingly.


Step 6:- Add below option in Search Result and “Save and get code”.

  • Use iframe method in search display result.
  • Enter URL where search result will display ( Create a new search webpage).


Step 7:- Add search box code into your website page or sidebar widget and search result code into the search page you create in last step. 



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